I would like to thank the following individuals for their help and support with this hobby and site:

Amber, my wife, who is amazingly supportive of this hobby

Mark MMCB Parker, for his excellent coding

Chris "Bertramtalespinner" Howard , for his excellent cartooning skills. Chris has drawn many of the Space Wars face designs

Chris "Uubergeek" Campbell , Minifig Superhero Artist, a web guru and 501st member, thus my resource for all things Imperial

Ace "Onions" Kim, Helpful insights

FBTB, giving me a place to share

Robert "Tothiro" Martin, a truly phenomenal talent with a block of clay

Josh Noullet, an insightful friend who uses decals in ways I never thought possible

Emily "RecluceMage" Brownlow, the helmet guru and caster extraordinaire

JP JP-30 Hansen, Web page graphic designer

Matt "SWLegoNut" Rhody, the power builder

Mitch "miniMitch" Frazao, for the best mouse droid around

Arealight, a great sculptor

Jeff "Blasterman" Byrd, THE ORIGINAL blaster manufacture

Isaac "Red Bean" Yue, A sculptor and friend who I have shared the hobby and watched others join in our play time

Joe Meno, the person that allowed me to share what I know with others, thanks Joe

Will "BrickArms" Chapman, the person who brought me back to WWII

Marand "Ramus", A friend who helped spread the knowledge of Minifig Customization

And I would like to thank all of you who have visited my site, emailed or spoken with me at events, or given me feedback on the forums.

Finally, I would like to thank LEGO(R) for a phenomenal product that really does lend itself to your imagination. And, I would also like to thank the creators and actors of all the great films out there like Star Wars, which helps keep our imaginations in flux with the hopes of one day not only finding aliens, but flying across the stars with them in the co-pilot seat.


---- Kaminoan