Q: Where can I find instructions for application?
A: Have you read the instructions found here on the site under the Instructions tab? If you have and you still have questions please email Kaminoan at Fineclonier@gmail.com for tips or tricks.

Q: Is decal application difficult?
A: No basic application to heads, legs, or torsos is quite easy. Advanced applications like Astromech domes, helmets, and arms are more difficult, but with a few inexpensive solutions these become quite easy. Please refer to the instructions tab.

Q: Do the decals need to have a sealant applied to protect them.
A: The short answer is yes. Figures made this way are primarily for display. However, if you intend to play with your finished figure, please apply a sealant to protect the decals from the moisture in your hand and the friction of handling them.

Q: Are there any products that can improve application?
A: Yes, decal application kits are available from companies such as Micromark. I recommend the decal setting, decal softening solutions, which improve application I also recommend the Satin overcoat to protect the decals once they have been applied. These products are available in an Application Kit.

Q: Where can I find out about shipping cost?
A: The shipping page

Q: Do you have pictures of how others have used these decals?
A: Check out Josh Noullet's Figures which feature many of the Fine Clonier's Decals. Also many of the figures displayed here on the FC website were made by others using our decals.

Q: How do I contact the Fine Clonier
A: Email: Fineclonier@gmail.com

Q: How do I get my work printed?
A: In order to print your art it should be in a vector art format, AI or CDR is preferred. If this isn't possible please create your art in TIF format. It should also be separated in to 3 layers; White, Metallic, and CMYK. Check here for a reference on how to separate the layers (Special Art Page).

Q: Are there any special charges for getting my work printed?
A: If your art is properly formatted there is a $5 printing fee per order, however if the Fine Clonier must edit or alter you art additional charges will be charged. If you have 1 or 100 custom designs printed the special fee is still $5.

Q: How do I create my own art?
A: This is a complex question, please read this BrickJournal Article (Link)