Downloading Designs

When downloading art from this site you will be asked to read and agree to a disclaimer. This disclaimer basically states that the material you are downloading is the property of someone else and that you will not try and profit by it and only use the art for your own personal applications. Once you agree to the disclaimer the art will be presented in its printable size. Right click on the image and select “save picture as.” Name the image and save it as a jpg. Think you are finished, well not quite, due to some unknown reason the image’s dpi is altered in this download / presentation process and must be corrected to 300 dpi BEFORE printing. Here are the steps to correct this issue.

1. In Irfanview open the downloaded image.

2. Once the image is open, select “Image” from the menu and go down and select “Resize/Resample” option or use “Ctrl + R.” This will open a dialog box.

3. On the bottom left there is a DPI box, which should read 300. Change whatever the value is presented to 300.

4. Before clicking “OK” make sure the “preserve aspect ratio” and “Resample (better quality)” are both selected. I use the slowest option from the drop down Resample menu, which works the best.

5. You are now ready to use the art to print a decal. You might want to run 1 test print to confirm you have followed the above steps correctly.

---- Kaminoan