Why live in the box? CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORLD!

Transparent figures have been added to the site in the COMPLETE FIGURE section!

Trans-blue figure up on eBay!


Back up and open.  Hopefully updating soon, have tons of new designs!!!

The site is back open.  Just an FYI, I have not had a chance to confirm custom figure inventory, if an order is placed for a complete figure it will have to be confirmed first.
Sorry for the delay in reopening.

I will be attending the Houston Mini Maker's Faire. Due to the nature of this event, I will be teaching/demonstrating several ADVANCED techniques. There will be red tiles for anyone and everyone to decal with one of the designs below:

Decal Designs:

Site will close December 17th for the Holidays.  Get your orders in now.  Happy Holidays

Site is back open!

Site is open for business. 

I have the site back open, I have not had a chance to verify all the inventory of figures and parts.  Please be patient on these products.

New content has been added to the site.  As soon as I can confirm inventory I will reopen.

Hello All, I have the site closed to add some designs and prep for BrickFiesta in Houston.  Hope to have it reopened shortly before BrickFiesta on July 4th.


We are back open.

The Store is currently closed while we prep for BrickMagic, see you in NC.

Happy New Year, the store is back open!

Back open with new parts, be sure to check out what is new.

Just back from BrickMagic, what fun was that.  Had a great time and had over 275 people in my classes there.  Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Please check out the new TRON, Blackest Night, Captain America, Thor, and various other superheroes.  My book, Minifigure Customization is now available from Two Morrows Publishing, enjoy, the book is awesome! 


Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World

Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World! shows you the wide range of techniques you can use to alter the lovable LEGO® Minifigure into any character you can imagine! BrickJournal columnist and author Jared K. Burks (known online as Kaminoan) has created thousands of custom minifigs over the last 13 years, and this full-color book assembles his knowledge into a series of step-by-step tutorials on decal design and application, color alteration, custom part modification and creation, plus tips on minifigure displays and digital photography to capture your custom figures in the best light—all the way through complete custom figure creation! Essential tools are identified! Don’t live inside the box—populate your world with any alien, superhero, historical, action, horror, or science-fiction figure you can “just imagine”!

Happy New Year to one and all.  The site is back open, sorry for the delay.  We are working on several projects and insanely busy, so be on the look out for some new designs as well as several other new projects from us.

Happy Holidays, see you guys in the new year!!

The FC is back open.  We will be open depending on order volume.  We hope to be open until Friday the 17th, however we can not guarentee that orders placed that late will arrive before Christmas.  So if ordering for a present please order early.

The Fine Clonier has reopened after my trip.  Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused.  I am working on new superhero designs so you have any input please go to the forums and give us your two cents. 

The Fine Clonier is having a sale on Complete Figures for 1 week only.  Almost all of our figures are  20-25% off  their normal prices.  Be sure to check the Complete Figure Section to find out which figures are on sale and grab your favorite before we run out of inventory.  We are also diligently working on the new superhero designs so be on the look out for more shortly.  If you are interested in having us extend any of our design lines please let us know.

Site is OPEN.  Hope you guys enjoy the new items.

The site content has been updated and the site will reopen tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am US CST.  This means everyone regardless of their place in the world will have a chance at the parts in inventory.  Also please check out the LIMITED complete custom figures we are offering.  Good luck!

Well we are back from BrickMagic and it was a wonderful event.  We are uploading pictures to Flickr currently.  As many of you might have noticed we have started uploading custom cast elements.  This includes several new parts, Mohawk, cold helmets, WingsII, and Hawk Hair.  We are also uploading complete figures that will be available for purchase here on the site.  I will give 24 hours notice before re-opening to allow everyone access to the limited parts. 

Be sure to check out the What's New Section as we have recently added 117 new items to the site. 

Still prepping for BrickMagic.  Taking over 200 complete custom figures for sale.  Be sure to come by, don't miss out on this oppurtunity.

Just a few notes, first I will be attending BrickMagic in Raleigh, NC.  If you are in the area or out for a great weekend come on out to the event (link). 

Also we have just added about 40 new WWII designs, many of which are featured in Brickmania sets.  If you need replacements or extra units for your set you will be able to get them shortly.  If you are not familar with Brickmania, click the link above.

We have also partnered with Arealight to be the North American distributor for his parts.  Please check them out in the Accessories tab.

Hello All, sorry for the long period with no posting.  The casting bench is back in action and MANY new designs will hit the site shortly.  The Fine Clonier has also hit Twitter.  So be on the look out for tweets.  Hopefully will be making site updates shortly.  Also if you are in North Carolina be sure to come out to BrickMagic.  Uubergeek and I will both be there and we will have Many of Arealight and MMCBs items and several complete custom figures for sale.

Happy New Year to one and all.  The Store is reopen and we should be restocking parts next weekend.

Reopened, enjoy.  Hope you guys like the new items.  We hope to add more shortly, we are making two new molds tonight.

The site will be reopened tonight at 8pm CST.  All current inventory has been updated on cast parts.  We are still working on 2 new molds and 4 new parts.  There are still a few new decal designs to add to the site including the ACU design in all its color options.  Be sure to check out the new WHAT'S NEW menu tab on the left to find the newest items.

Currently we are closed to restock inventory of custom cast items as well as add some new decal designs to the site.  Most of the new custom cast items have been added to the site, at least descriptions of them.  We hope to reopen on 2009-12-1, however, the process of adding all the new items may take longer than we are currently envisioning.  As soon as we have added everything we will give at least a 12 hour notice (HERE!) of when we will reopen.  All current orders are being processed. 

We are back open.  The casting bench is running and if you are following the forums or Flickr you have seen some of our prototypes.  We hope to add these and other items to inventory shortly.  There are still a few other surprises yet to come.

Hello All, we have added a What's New side menu to make it easier to identify the newest designs on the site.  This feature has been requested for some time, so I hope this feeds the need.  Also we will be stepping out of the shop for a few days for a mini-vacation.  We will leave the store open for orders and all will be filled quickly upon our return on Monday (10/19).  If you have questions we will still be answering email, but it might take a day or so to get back with you, please be patient.  Many thanks!

Hello All, there have been some updates and the addition of about 150 new designs.  Most are in an expanded theme that is still relatively new to the site.  The Space Trek theme has been rapidly expanded.  I know many areas of the site don't have appropriate preview images, but we are currently working on this issue.  I hope this theme meets with everyone's approval.  We are still filling in some holes here and there in the theme, but it is largely complete.  A few key designs are still in progress.  We will be reopening quite soon, sorry for the extended delay.  Thanks for the support, we look forward to any comments about the new items.

A new theme has been posted, hope you all like it.  Several of the designs took me over 20 hours per design.  This theme will be expanded upon in the future.  Also the custom cast elements have been re-stocked.  The last inventory didn't last long.  Get them while you can.

Well apparently you guys like our custom cast parts.  I have been working very diligently in the evenings over the last few nights to try and get some more made.  When I can get about a dozen of the newest parts made I will restock.  This way everyone can try and get one.  There is a touch of bad news.  The Baton Saber Hilt and the Double Barrel molds are simply not working.  The shotgun mold tore and the baton mold just keeps getting bubbles.  So it will be a bit before these are ready, sorry.  The Queen mold got finished last night, major overhaul of that part and the first part cast was perfect, till I broke it.  Oops :(  I then proceeded to try and recast it twice more, both of which were plagued with bubbles.  So I have to be more patient and work on this one.  I have also created 3 other new molds,  Two are completely new parts.  Both are prooving stubborn to cast.  So hopefully more tomorrow on these and maybe some photos of successfully casted parts.  The Tundra Hat is still in need of being reworked before recasting.  I have been debating retiring the Jungle Hat, what are ya'lls thoughts, let me know in the forums.  The Body Armor  mold has also recently died and needs to be remade if there is interest, again, please let me know.  Mjolnir has also died.  Currently I am casting the Snitch in black and sometimes in grey.  I am reworking this part to improve the mold design and the overall part design.  The Turtle head has been reworked, the shell is going to be resculpted from scratch for a much better design.  I am also working on a new superhero design, which I hope to finish soon as well as a new Carbon Wars Helmet, which I am very excited about.   

The new Space Trek designs are almost finished.  Just have to find the time with the casting.  There are about 200 new designs to be uploaded to the site.  These range all over the spectrum.  There are even some summer movie inspired designs.  Thanks for the support, hope to have more up soon.

About to reopen the store.  Paypal payment options have changed.  You will be directed to Paypal at the end of your purchase so you can send payment at the time of ordering.  Please follow the instructions.  If you have any difficulties please let me know immediately so we can address them (fineclonier@gmail.com).  Also most custom cast parts have been added to inventory.  These always go quickly so be sure to grab them while you can.  Thanks, sorry for the delay in reopening.

Fine Clonier has created a Comic Con exclusive in association with BrickJournal.  Make sure you stop by TwoMorrow's Publishing booth to get one if you are attending Comic Con.


  • Finished preping the BrickWorld auctions including some special prints for Rob "Brickmodder" Hendrix's auctions as well.  Hope the auction turns out well this year.  Think the auction iis going to do great.  If you go, bid HIGH, I can't make it this year.
  • The store has a slightly different cart mechanism.  You can now pay via Paypal directly at checkout.  When you finish confirming your order the cart will direct you to Paypal where you can enter your account and send payment at the time of order placement.  This feature will expidite order/shipping process.  So be on the look out when you place your orders now and make sure you follow the screen's instructions.
  • The Jedi vs Sith contest ends tonight.  Be sure to get your entries in, good luck to all.

Currently the site is closed to allow me to prep items for the BrickWorld charity auction.  If you are going to be in Chicago for Brickworld please go bid on any items in the auctions as the funds go to a great charity. 

Also please stop by the forums and get your entries in for the Jedi vs Sith contest

The Fine Clonier has moved.  We are currently getting settled in our new digs.  Molding and casting hasn't been set up yet, but the space is far superior to any we have had before.  We have many new projects in this path, so be on the look out shortly.  Printing and order filling is in full swing.  Thanks for everyone being patience while we moved.

The Fine Clonier will be closed for a few more days as we attempt to link to Paypal.  This will assist buyers in sending their payments for orders and something we have been trying to set up for quite a while.  I appologize in advance for the additional closure time.  We hope to be back open soon, but of course we have to adequately test the system before reopening.  Thank you for your patience.

K.A.M Forums (New forum name) will be sponsoring a MASSIVE contest starting Feb 1.  We are doing a small reveal a day early here.  Be sure to check back each day as more details will be revealed.  Photo is now a link to where the contest details will be revealed!

Well most of the site update has been accomplished.  We have added over 80 new designs and 62 of these are new Carbon Wars Soldier designs.  We are working on two very specialized versions of the new digital camo, seen below, to work with the new sterling silver helmet we are offering.
We will announce these new camo designs in the forum as a forum first exclusive.  Many of our new soldier designs take advantage of the WIDE array of helmets and pauldrons that Arealight and MMCB have been producing respectively.  So please check out his newest items.  We are working on constructing a figure for each of the newest designs, so stay tuned. 

Also the first joint auctions with Darrens5150 will be starting shortly.  Please keep and eye on his ebay account.

Many thanks to Uubergeek for his help in getting this update finished.  Also we are featuring a design from a new Artist Gareth Graham, can you find it on the site?

Just a quick update, we have started the New Year update.  We haven't quite gotten to the new designs just yet as there are over 100 of them.  However, we willl be getting to these in the next few days to week so keep an eye out.   We do want to show you our latest addition to the Accessories section.  Sterling Silver Phase II Clone Helmet: 


A few of these will make it into the prizes for our next Contest.  It is going to be huge both MMCB and Arealight have donated very generously, which adds to the loot I already had set aside.  Be sure to stay tuned to the K.A.M. forums for all the updates on the contest.  You won't want to miss it.  Also be sure to check out all of our other new additions to the Accessories section, we now offer ABS parts.  Enjoy and Happy New Year!

  • Hope everyone is geared up for a Happy New Year.  We are back open, enjoy. 
  • We at the FC in colaboration with MMCB and Arealight have been gearing up for our largest prize pack contest ever.  Please stay tuned as we hope to launch it later this month. 
  • We are working on about 50-70 new designs to add to the site.  Please be on the look out for a major site update.

Thanks again for all the support in 2008, we hope 2009 will be even better. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all.  I hope Santa brings everyone a sack full of Minifigures.

The Fine Clonier will be closing on the 16th for the holiday season.  We will be reopening on December 29th. 

Keep a look out in the forums for some great things in the start of the new year.  First off the forums are getting a new name as the FC gives a knod to the support of Arealight and MMCB. Also, all you Star Wars fans will be glad to hear we are currently planing our LARGEST contest to date, with our biggest prize package ever, so stay tuned. 

The FC is now open.  Sorry for the long closure, my daughter is doing much better. 

Many of the Accessory items have been restocked and we are working on several new items.  There are also many new items that have been added to the site.  Enjoy.

Be sure to vote in the Second round voting for the FC Haunted Figure Contest!  Voting starts today and runs for 7 days.

The FC will be re-opening shortly with a fresh stock of custom cast elements and many other new suprizes.  We will be offering many new items, so be sure to look around.  It will take us another day or so to tidy up the place, so we thank you for your patience. 

The FC is currently closed and will remain while we deal with a family emergency.  Thank you for your well wishes, concern, and patients during this time.  We hope to reopen quickly.
-- Kam

Check the forums for all the scary details!!!!!

Were Back!!!

Well after the birth of my Daughter and Hurricane Ike, the FC is finally back up and running.  Sorry for the delay.  Power is required after all.  Download functionality has been restored as has ordering.  We hope to be announcing a new contest soon, so stay tuned.

Arealight's Magnificent mid-year Scoot-a-bration!!
Voting for the AMMMS has begun.  Get in the forums and support your favorite Bike Shop MOC.


Thanks again to Arealight for hosting this wonderful contest.\n\n

WOW!  That was quick.  I believe you guys have almost cleaned me out of custom element inventory already.  Will try and get back in the shop this weekend and see what I can get made.  Stocks are low, but there are a few things left.  If you are looking for something in particular please let me know in the forums.

New custom cast elements have been added to the site, but inventory has not been uploaded yet.  This will happen tonight (7/16/08).  Enjoy:


These are merely a few of the new items. 

MMCB is offering a great Skeleton Warrior on ebay

Be sure to check it out, photo is link.

Arealight's Magnificent mid-year Scoot-a-bration!!

Arealights' Magnificent Motorcycle Mayhem Shop is needing to break ground and he needs your help.  He has loads of inventory waiting to be delivered to the AMMMS for the mid-year Scoot-a-bration.  Everything must go go go go!!!  In order for your favorite figure to drive a scooter off the lot, there has to be a lot to drive it off, so help him by building a store front and lot.  This would be like most car/motorcycle lots for his scooters to be sold from (figuratively speaking).  So it is up to you to construct the Motorcycle and Scooter Bike store.  Why is Arealight so crazed about an AMMMS?  Well he is wanting to highlight his scooter, which he is bringing back after popular demand.

MMCB is offering a great clone on ebay

Be sure to check it out.

The FC photos of Brickworld have hit the web, click on the image below to see them all.

Enjoy, Kam

Brickworld is over!!!  I had a great time and greatly appreciate all the help that Uubergeek lent me.  Everyone loved the figures we brought from what I could tell.  The site is back open and I will be adding some custom element inventory later tonight.  Thank you for being patient with the site.  I will be posting MANY MANY pictures to Flickr of the event shortly.  If you are new to the site and I met you at Brickworld please be sure to stop by the forums and say hi.

New Star Wars LEGO set to be announced on June 20th.  Gee, wonder what these guys are dressed for?

BrickWorld Approaches!!!  Will Kam be ready, show up and find out!  The FC will be offering MANY new items at Brickworld including several custom cast elements.  Come by and check them out and ask Kam for your free custom BrickWorld Decal!!!

E-Klocki is having an Indy building contest.  Good luck to all the individuals competeing.  Check it out if you have time to build.

We'd like to thank all the entrants for being in the contest first of all, some great work!
The Winner of the Ironman Mark I Uubergeek Challange is:

  His Prize:  

Commander Fox!!!!!  Great work on this ultimate customization.

Welcome to the Fine Clonier.  We have just massively updated the site with well over 100 new designs.  We will be updating the site again shortly with many new custom elements.  If you spot something that appears to be broken, please let us know at FineClonier@gmail.com.  Several of the new categories don't have images yet, so you might see some red x's.  We are working on those.  Hope you like the new designs.