General Information

Welcome to the Fine Clonier hobby print service. This service was started by Kaminoan as an artistic venture to further the enjoyment of the Lego hobby. The Fine Clonier produces waterslide decals used to make colorful characters, predominately from the science fiction genre. Please look around, if you don't see what you are looking for, drop us a note and we will likely be able to make a custom design for you. If you would like your very own designs printed this is also possible, for further details please see our FAQ section.

Decals sold by the Fine Clonier are done so at cost in the hopes of sharing this hobby with others. If you are purchasing these decals with the intent of resale, you are taking advantage of the Fine Clonier's generosity and the limited life of the printer's print head. If this does not discourage you from resale, please email us directly so we can discuss your thoughts about resale. If the Fine Clonier is made aware of your unauthorized resale, future purchases will be denied. It is the intent of the Fine Clonier to be fair to all; however, we reserve the right to refuse service to any one at our discretion. Order placement constitutes agreement to these terms. Email notification of order status is required, please check your email spam filter to make sure we can contact you.

If you have comments or suggestions please contact us at

Enjoy the site!

---- Kaminoan