In order to accurately apply decals to Lego Minifigs some equipment is need. The list of supplies is below as well as a picture.

Scissors: Use scissors to cut out the gross shape of the decal, but use a X-Acto Knife for trimming decals.

X-Acto Knife with #11 Blade: Use a sharp blade. If cutting multiple decals, change the blade frequently.

Cutting Mat: These “self healing” soft plastic mats are available from many suppliers in various sizes. The mat will preserve the point of the blade longer than other cutting surfaces, and will not cause the blade to vary the cutting line as often happens when cutting on a wood surface.

Tweezers: Use fine point hobby tweezers available at stores that specialize in plastic scale models or model trains.

Artists Brush: Type and size is optional, but we usually use a round #2 or #3.

Straight Edge: We use a machinist’s scale. This isn't made to be used as a cutting edge, but the graduations help us make cuts to precise dimensions, when necessary.

Water Container: Use distilled water, if available, at room temperature.